Rock Painting Ideas & Inspiration

Painting rocks is one of the most accessible (and fun) arts and crafts activities you can do from the comfort of your own home. The supplies are simple, all you need is some rocks from your backyard or neighborhood and some acrylic paint. What you need next is inspiration! In this post we’ll run through some rock painting ideas you can use as a jumping point for your art. At the end we’ll discuss some tips and tricks for making the best rock paints with your children, spouse or whomever you’re painting with!

Best Rock Painting Ideas

There are literally hundreds of rock painting ideas, some easy and some hard. You can categorize those ideas however into a handful of types of rock art. Rock or stone art can express your favorite characters, it can be a serene landscape or it can be a piece of nature (amongst others). Here are some easy rock painting ideas.

  • Landscapes
  • Characters
  • Flowers or Trees
  • Flags
  • Holiday
  • Animals

1. Landscape Rock Painting Ideas

Sunset on a Beach Rock Art

Footsteps on a Beach

Starry Nightscape

2. Characters and Personalities Rock Painting Ideas

Gnome Rock Art

Mario Bros Rock Art

Harry Potter Rock Painting

Christmas Gnomes

Spongbob Squarepants

Superhero heads

A easy rock painting design for any superhero lover

Pokemon Painted Stones

M&M Rock Painting

3. Plants, Fruits and Flowers Rock Painting Ideas

Strawberry Rocks

Lavender Rock Paint

Cherry Blossom on white background

Bare tree with colorful red paint

4. Animals Rock Painting Ideas

Jellyfish Intricate design

3D Butterfly

Turtle Shell Rock Painting

Turtle Rocks

Penguin Cute Rock

Mouse Hole

Fish Rocks

5. Flags and Countries Rock Painting Ideas

Texas Flag Painted Rock

6. Holiday Rock Painting Ideas

Rock painting at holiday get togethers is the perfect activity for the whole family especially those with younger children. Here are some of the best rock painting ideas for holidays.

Halloween Rock Painting Ideas

Christmas Rock Painting Ideas

Thanksgiving Rock Painting Ideas

Easy Rock Painting Ideas

It’s difficult to say which rock painting ideas are easiest as it really depends on the person and intended design. That being said, certain types of rock painting should be easier for most. For example, more basic ideas like a sunset or flag should be easy to paint. Logos and faces should also be a bit easier. Designs that require a lot of detail will take longer and will be harder to create for those with minimal painting experience.

Rock Painting Supplies – What You Need to Get Started

There are a few essential pieces of supplies you need to get started with painted rocks.


You can find rocks in nature (which is the cheapest option) or you can even buy them online at Amazon! If you opt to go into your backyard to find rocks, the most important thing is to find a large enough smooth rocks. Rocks that are too curved won’t be easy to paint unless there is a certain design you are going for. If you don’t have a backyard and decide to go to a park to source some rocks, just make sure you are allowed to take rocks from wherever you are going. Buying a series of rocks on Amazon may be the easiest route and the cost is less than $15.

Acrylic Paints

You’ll want to use acrylic paint for your rock art. Acrylic will do the best job adhering to the rocks and bring out the most vibrant colors. You can get regular acrylic paint from most stores or Amazon. You can also use acrylic paint pens if you want perhaps a little less mess.

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After working so hard on your rock painting, you don’t want to skip out on the crucial step of sealing the painted rock. Sealing the painted rocks ensures the colors will stay bright and vibrant and the art won’t chip away. You can use a spray sealant that you can buy in any arts and crafts store or amazon.

How to Paint Rocks or Stones

There are a few key steps you should take before starting rock painting. You need to find rocks, prep the rocks, get paint and then seal the paint.

Finding Rocks

As we mention above, finding stones can be easy or hard depending on where you live. You need rocks big enough to be painted on and have a smooth face. Small and/or curved rocks will be difficult to paint. We recommend trying to source a local park or beach or just to buy a handful of rocks meant for rock painting

Preparing Rocks

If you sourced your rocks from nature, you will need to do a little extra work before starting to paint. You need to make sure you wash the rocks with soapy water to remove any dust and debris. This will ensure the rocks are smooth when you begin to paint.

Painting the Rocks

Assuming you already have an acrylic paint set, we would recommend the following video on tips and tricks for the actual painting of the rocks.

Is Painting Rocks Hard?

Rock painting is easy and accessible for everyone and anyone. All you need is some rocks, acrylic paint and sealant. Painting rocks with elaborate and highly detailed designs is a bit harder but so are all types of art and craft.

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