Galaxy Painting Ideas

Galaxies are one of the most colorful and awe inspiring designs one can bring to their art. Whether it’s through photo, drawing or paint. In this guide, we’ll be discussing ways and ideas to paint galaxies onto several different mediums such as canvass and wood.

We curated several ideas across the web to help jumpstart your art. Hopefully our ideas will inspire your next galaxy paintings.

Galaxy Painting Ideas List

Here is quick list of easy to do ideas with photos of these galaxy painting ideas below.

  • Adding meteors
  • Using wildlife or people in front of the galaxy
  • The galaxy over an epic landscape
  • Galaxies themselves (like the Whirlpool galaxy)
  • Outer space landscapes
  • Using the galaxy with another celestial object such as the moon
  • Other deep space objects such as star clusters and nebulae

1. Meteor Showers

2. Galaxy overlooking a forest

3. Sponge Painting with Acrylic Paint

4. Galaxy with Planets

5. Whirlpool Galaxy

6. Northern Lights Over a Forest

7. Galaxy Over a Lake

8. Galaxy Over Mountain

9. Galaxy With Wolf

10. Galaxy in Outer Space

11. Galaxy and Planet Earth

12. Galaxy Oil Painting on Canvas

13. Blue Galaxy Swirl

14. Black Hole Painting

15. Sombrero Galaxy Painting

16. Galaxy Wood Painting

17. Wood Galaxy Painting #2

18. Northern Lights on Black Canvas

19. Pleiades Star Cluster Painting

20. Galaxy with the Moon

Best Galaxy Painting Colors

Our galaxy is full of wonderful colors. The most common however are white, black, dark blue and purple. The galaxy also has a lot of hydrogen-alpha emissions, which tend to show a crimson red. A color pallet of dark colors like black and blue and lighter colors like white and red should be enough to bring any galaxy painting to life.

Recommended colors:

  • White paint
  • Black paint
  • Dark blue paint
  • Purple paint
  • Red paint

See our recommendations for best acrylic paint pens if you want to use paint pens in your galaxy painting.

What Art Supplies Do I Need for Galaxy Paintings?

Besides the paint itself, there are a few considerations you should make before starting on a galaxy painting. We recommend:

  • A white or black canvas
  • Toothbrush (for stars)
  • Small round brush
  • Paper Towel (to clean up edges)

How to Paint a Galaxy for Beginners

We recommend watching some of the following Youtube videos that do a great job walking you through step by step on how to paint a galaxy with acrylic paint on canvas.

Sponge Painting Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to use acrylic paint and a sponge to bring a galaxy painting to life.

Toothbrush Painting Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to use a small round brush to create splatter stars and bring your galaxy painting to life.

How to Paint Stars Tutorial

Painting tiny stars is amongst the hardest parts about painting any outer space landscape. This tutorial walks you through 4 techniques for painting tiny stars on galaxy paintings.

Is Painting Galaxies Hard?

As with any type of painting, practice makes perfect. There are some types of painting ideas that may be more challenging than others. The fine details and color blending required to bring a galaxy painting to life can be challenging but can be overcome with intentional practice. There are plenty of tutorials and guides on the internet to help you create a stunning piece of art.

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