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We all love our leather shoes, furniture, jackets, or bags. They make us stand out and provide an overall feeling of satisfaction. However, what is the best way to care for your leather surfaces? Well, your most viable option is to opt for a quality leather paint. If you are looking to paint leather as your next big arts and craft project, you need high quality materials. Below, we discuss the 5 best paints for leather.

1. Angelus Leather Paint


  • Great option for customization
  • Seal scratches and scuff marks 
  • Affordable
  • Easy to apply
  • Water-solvent
  • Comes in different color varieties


  • Very thin
Angelus Leather Paint Set of 12 1 oz
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05/22/2022 02:51 pm GMT

The Angelus Leather Paint is one of the best sets to paint leather. It comes in a pack of 12 with varying colors (depending on your order). The most common colors include lilac, green, purple, orange, yellow, blue, red, turquoise, black, purple, and white. 

With the different colors, you can create any design that you want on your leather surface. The paints are suitable for reapplication if necessary. 

The paint’s manufacturer, Angelus, has been in the business for over a century so quality and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. You can use the leather paint to customize leather items such as furniture, bags, jackets, and shoes. 

You can also use the Angelus leather paint to hide scratches and scuff marks on your leather items. 

2. Jacquard Lumiere, Exciter Pack of 9


  • Delivers gloss and protection
  • Can be applied on most leather items
  • Works with versatile painting tools
  • Can form unique shades
  • Super-smooth consistency
  • Highly pigmented


  • Can be too thick
  • Its alcohol ink feature is not effective
Jacquard Lumiere Exciter Pack .5oz 9/Pkg
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The new Jacquard Lumiere is a metallic leather paint set that allows you to come up with a variety of shades. It has a unique set of colors such as halo blue, halo violet, sunset and halo pink. 

Other additional colors included in the pack include pearlescent green, turquoise, pewter and russet. With these, there is no limit to the designs that you can create on your leather items.

The Lumiere leather paint is designed to coat your leather items with acrylic polyurethane. This gives them a glossy finish with extra protection. 

The paint is versatile and works with different painting materials such as sponge, airbrush, and a paintbrush. 

3. Fiebing’s Acrylic Leather Paint


  • It dries quickly
  • Lasts longer
  • Produces smooth surfaces
  • Easy to thin
  • Very affordable


  • Can be too thick

Fiebing's Acrylic Leather Dye Pack - 2 Ounces, Set of 12
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The Fiebing’s Acrylic Leather Paint is one of the best leather paints currently in the market. It comes in a pack of 11 with varying colors. The most prominent colors include dark brown, yellow, orange, turquoise, red, and blue. 

Given the fact that it dries quickly, this leather paint is perfect for urgent painting projects. The finish is smooth and it can stay intact on surfaces for a long time. 

The paint is water-resistant thereby giving it the ability to remain dry on your leather items. If the paint is too thick, you can dissolve it in water to come up with the right ratios for your project. 

4. Angelus, Leather Paint White


  • Can be used as a base
  • Can be used as primers
  • Works well on different items


  • Super thin
Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint, White, 1 oz
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If you are looking for an option for your white leather items, the Angelus white leather paint is your perfect option. It is suitable for working on a pair of white vans and products from huge brands such as Adidas and Nike. 

For instance, if you have a pair of leather shoes or a bag that is scratched or stained, you can use this paint to repaint them and create a new look. You can also use this paint as a base for other paints of different colors. 

5. U.S Art Supply, 12 Color Pearlized Acrylic Paint Set


  • Easy to mix
  • Quality pigment 
  • Suitable for use in various surfaces
  • Provides a glazed finish


  • Plugs the airbrush
  • Can be chunky
U.S. Art Supply 12 Color Pearlized Leather & Shoe Paint Set
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This leather acrylic paint comes in 12 different colors that include; wine, magenta, gold, black, blue, normal green, orange, bright green, white, purple, and red. 

The paint comes with an airbrush reducer and extender base and an additional airbrush cleaner. This is perfect for you if your preferred painting tool is an airbrush. 

Using this paint guarantees a smooth finish since the manufacturer has used quality grade pigments in its creation. The paint gives your surfaces a vivid look and doesn’t fade quickly. 

What Type of Paint is Best for Leather?

When it comes to leather painting there are different types of paint to pay attention to. Whether you want to paint leather furniture or paint leather shoes, the type of paint you purchase will be very important.

1. Acrylic Leather Paints

Acrylic leather paint is water-solvent paint and made by dissolving different pigments. Acrylic paints are perfect painting leather jackets, belts, and boots.

2. Pearlescent leather Paints

These paints are perfect for painting automobiles’ leather seats and interiors. The paint is made from mica and is very versatile. 

3. Leather Dyes

Leather dyes are more durable than paints. They are resistant to fading, cracking, dust, and scratches. You can use this for heavy-duty paint projects. 

4. Metallic Leather Paints 

For a glossy and metallic look, metallic paints are your viable option. This paint is popular for leather surfaces that require vinyl paint. 

Can You Use Regular Acrylic Paint on Leather?

Yes, you can use regular acrylic paint on a leather surface even though it is not the best for the job. Most people use this paint to paint their leather jackets, wallets, purses, and shoes. 

To determine what paint line to use, you have to know what type of leather you are dealing with and how it was treated previously. 

Testing your acrylic paint on a sacrificial surface is important for you to get the color and design correctly. 

Where Can You Buy Leather Paint?

You can buy your preferred leather paint from any reputable online store. By going through the reviews available online, you can order your preferred paint, and it will be delivered to your location. Products with positive reviews and money-back guarantee are usually the best.

The type of paint you pick will depend on your needs. This means that where you buy your leather paint will depend on the type of paint that you want to use. 


The best paint for leather depends on what you want to paint.The above different types of leather paints are available with all suitable for specific functions. This review has highlighted 5 best paints for leather currently in the market.

Acrylic paint can be used to paint leather items. However, you have to make sure that the surface is suitable for this type of paint before painting. You can buy paint from a reputable online store and have it delivered to you. 

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